Tonga, Whales & Yoga

A very dear friend talked me into going on a yoga retreat with her.  At first I thought “Mmm, yoga + retreat = being sensible, eating vegan and not drinking.”  Just as i was about to let her down gently she said we would get to whale watch, which sweetened the deal.  The whole adventure was organised by a lady I called ‘Namaste Annie’, and I just pretty much went with the flow at first.  Then I realised that;

1.  I was going to be stranded on an island with no electricity

2. I wasn’t ‘whale watching’, I was submersing myself in deep water with giant creatures who could squish me with a flap of their tail

I’m not very brave and rather like room service, but I was feeling like it was time to get out of my comfort zone and do something BIG.

I’m sure the pictures will speak for themselves, but the one thing I have to say is the Tongan people have nothing, but they are the most caring helpful people you could ever meet.

We stayed at Serenity Beach Resort on Uoleva Island….and they even had a bar 🙂

Tonga whales_0002Tonga whales_0001Tonga whales_0003Tonga whales_0004Tonga whales_0005Tonga whales_0006Tonga whales_0007Tonga whales_0008Tonga whales_0009Tonga whales_0010Tonga whales_0011Tonga whales_0012Tonga whales_0013Tonga whales_0014Tonga whales_0015Tonga whales_0016Tonga whales_0017Tonga whales_0018Tonga whales_0019Tonga whales_0020Tonga whales_0021Tonga whales_0022Tonga whales_0023Tonga whales_0024Tonga whales_0025Tonga whales_0026Tonga whales_0027Tonga whales_0028Tonga whales_0029Tonga whales_0030Tonga whales_0031Tonga whales_0032Tonga whales_0033Tonga whales_0034Tonga whales_0035Tonga whales_0036Tonga whales_0037Tonga whales_0038Tonga whales_0039Tonga whales_0040Tonga whales_0041Tonga whales_0042Tonga whales_0043Tonga whales_0044Tonga whales_0045Tonga whales_0046Tonga whales_0047Tonga whales_0048Tonga whales_0049Tonga whales_0050Tonga whales_0051Tonga whales_0052Tonga whales_0053Tonga whales_0054Tonga whales_0055Tonga whales_0056Tonga whales_0057Tonga whales_0058Tonga whales_0059Tonga whales_0060Tonga whales_0061Tonga whales_0062Tonga whales_0063Tonga whales_0064Tonga whales

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