Do you need a Second Wedding Photographer? The Pros and Cons

Lately we have had a lot of people requesting a second photographer.  We often send out two photographers – sometimes even for free if it is a quiet time of year.

Lisa shot as my second recently for Danielle and Ben’s wedding and I thought it would be great to show you some shots she took and have a talk about your second shooter.

The main Con is the cost.  We subsidise this so it isn’t too much extra to pay – usually $300, but a little more for a big wedding with lots of time.  The other thing to be careful of is paying for a second shooter who isn’t qualified.  You don’t want to pay extra $$ for someone’s besty who hasn’t a clue!

The Pros are that you get extra shots, particularly little Photojouralistic gems that the main shooter can’t get because they are busy.  In this post you can see a selection of photos that Lisa shot while I was doing my thing.  You still get these photos to an extent when there is one shooter, but you will notice particularly in the church that I can’t stray to far from the front were the action is, however Lisa has managed to sneak some great moments 🙂

So, you don’t NEED a second if you have a good photographer, but if you have a little money left in the budget it sure is a great idea!

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