Stop Motion Videos

Stop Motion Videos, also sometimes called ‘Time Lapse’, are a new funky alternative for couples looking for something different.

Stop Motion happens when you take a whole bunch of still images one after the other in quick succession, and then creatively put them together to form a music video. Cool hey?!

A stop motion video does not necessarily replace a normal wedding video nor does it cover the same thing as our usual ‘still’ photography.  It is a totally new and amazing technique for the wedding industry! It’s totally up to you weather you want this service instead of the traditional wedding photography and video, or as something extra.

Below you will find a few of our latest videos.

We offer the service as part of your photography package, or as a stand alone option. Stop Motion prices start at $850 (when in conjunction with wedding photography by us, and means you would have two photographers – one for stills and one for Stop Motion), and from $2,000 when purchased as a ‘stand alone’ option.





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  1. Hello – I’d be interested in learning more about your stop motion videos. I’m thinking of having one created for our wedding invitation. I look forward to hearing from you!! Rachelle

  2. Hello,

    We have a wedding Aug 30 – Could you please provide wedding price packages?


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