Ravensthorpe wedding Wollongong – Andrea & Angus

I have been blessed with back to back weddings at my favourite venue in Wollongong – the gorgeous Ravensthorpe!  I’m sure you won’t mind seeing a few blogs, and it’s great to see that every wedding is different – even when the venue doesn’t change 🙂

Angus and Andrea are a beautiful couple who have studied medicine together for many years, and now finally have time to focus on each other and tie the knot!  Their Christmas wedding gave them time to finish exams before frantically organising the final details for the best day of their lives (so far!)

Andrea’s dad has passed away, so her two lovely brothers walked her down the aisle.  As she walked towards the love of her life, you can see her pause for a moment to blow a kiss at her dad – looking down from above.  She also saved a seat for him and put a lovely framed photo of dad on the seat.

I really love the flowers, and specially the use of ivy in Andrea’s lovely floral head piece.  Having a summer wedding is sometimes a little hazardous for the poor boys in their suits, so Andrea decided to let all the groomsmen just wear a vest, which was much appreciated! Andrea bought a big basket full of fabric parasols to help keep all the ladies cool, but I think the boys got a little jealous and decided to have a play 🙂  The quote of the year was brilliant, written by “alcohol”, it was “Trust me, you can dance!”   And alcohol seems to know what it is talking about, because it wasn’t long before the wedding shoes were off and the dancing started!

Special mention goes to the best little flower girl and page boy ever!!  Enjoy, Anna B

Once again another Beautiful Bridal Gown by Connie @ Accapella Bridal

Ravensthorpe inside the marque

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