Ravensthorpe wedding photography – Erin & Jay

Erin & Jay had been together for 8 years before they went on a trip around Europe.   Erin had been wanting to go to the Eiffel tower since day one – what else do you want to do when you get to Paris?!  Jay finally took her on a picnic on a glorious day under the Eiffel tower. He proposed, she said yes, and they got a round of applause from the other picnickers! 

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There are so many fantastic elements to this beautiful wedding held on the south coast of NSW at Ravensthorpe, which you will see in the images below.  They made 1000 paper cranes for the Wedding Reception, as there is an old Japanese legend that says if you folds 1000 paper cranes, you will be granted a wish by the gods.  Cranes are believed to pair up for life, and are a symbol of happiness and harmony.  As you can see, the finished backdrop was so worth it!

With the help of Erin’s father, Jay built a 2.6×3 metre chalkboard with side folding panels on hinges, and Jay hand designed the written typography that was to cover the board.  Jay also was very keen for them to write their own vows so the ceremony would be personal, with just the right amount of humour and romance.  

Erin’s auntie had a bible which had been present at all the family weddings. There was a dried carnation, her grandmother’s wedding photo and a mum’s ‘permission to marry’ letter.

I actually go to the same gym as Erin and Jay, and they had seen my business card on the noticeboard.  Throughout the whole process, we could chat about the wedding and whinge about sore legs from the gym!  Erin had found a really cool little forest near the Wedding venue and wanted some shots there.  Little did I know that it was airfield land with an electric fence, and I received a good ZAP on the way in!  Once there it was a mosquito haven and we were attacked relentlessly. We lasted a few minutes before having to make a hasty exit. You can’t see the chaos from the forest in the photos – we got some amazing shots in the trees with beautiful soft light.

The bridal couple chose Ravensthorpe for their wedding venue as it has just the right blend of elegance and country charm for a beautiful Wedding Ceremony and Reception.  Ravensthorpe is a grand 19th century home purposely restored for contemporary celebrations, nestled on acres of land just south of Wollongong.

Jay has been wanting a Tag watch for years now.  You can see from the photos how happy he was when Erin surprised him!  He always told her if he could have a Tag,  Erin could have 4 puppies!   (4 IOU puppies in the future coming her way)! 

Erin and Jay’s advice for a perfect wedding:  Make the focus of the marriage two people that love each other.  So many people get caught up in themes, colours and extravagant displays that the point of the wedding gets lost.  At the end of the day do whatever makes the both of you happy. It’s your day!

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Ceremony venue: Ravensthorpe

Entertainment: Jake Edgley

Celebrant: Tara Merillo

Rings: Midas

Bridal gown designer: Maddison James from Dressense in Miranda

Flowers: Pepe’s garden

Shoes: Louboutin, black lace follies

Hair: Bijanca Fracasso

Makeup: Jessica Marshall

Suit: MJ Bale grey 3 piece suit

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  1. Love your work!! My wedding is on 16 May 2018 in wollongong. could you please email me a quote for 8 hours shooting? Many thanks!

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