Kullindi Homestead- Jervis Bay Wedding photography

This was a Fantastic Jervis Bay wedding on the South Coast, in a great location called Kullindi Homestead, as you can see from the shots.  Erin and Matt had their adorable little girl along as part of the bridal party, and one of my recent brides as a bridesmaid, so I practically felt like family!

Something that was a little different with Erin & Matt’s wedding was who was shooting it!

You may think that all photographers are constantly battling against each other to win a job, snarling across the camera at their rivals!  Well, most of the time this is not the case, and certainly not in the Illawarra.  We all meet up, share ideas and wine, and generally get along.  One of my favourite newbies ( I can say that after being in the industry 26 years) is a lovely fellow that goes by the name of Tom Stewart.  Tom has been shooting weddings for almost 2 years and really has a talent.

Tom volunteered to come along and help me at this wedding, and between the two of us, we rocked it! I suggested that he should do something a little different, and we decided on his shooting with only a 135mm prime lens of F2. (To all you non camera buffs, this means NO zoom, and very blurry backgrounds)

During the afternoon we all went for a drive down a dirt road- I stole a wicker chair from the venue (oops, sorry- I took it back) and we had an AWESOME time!

Thanks Erin & Matt for being so great, and thanks Tom!

Detail photograph of wedding at Jervis Bay, Kullindi Homestead


bride on country road with wicker chair

Sunset at Jervis Bay wedding

sunset backlight at south coast wedding

sunset wedding image Jervis Bay



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