Jaspers Berry – South Coast Wedding Photographer – Emma & Jared

Emma and Jared picked one of the most beautiful and luxurious wedding venues nestled in the countryside of South Coast NSW.   Jaspers is just past Berry, and is an intimate wedding venue full of antiques and surprises – I hope I have done it justice here!

Emma and Jared met at work, and Jared knew that one day he would marry her.  He watched as she had other boyfriends, a little apprehensive to show his love as there was a bit of an age difference…but as you can see it all worked out beautifully.  There is a quote from the movie ‘The Best Marigold’ Hotel that I love… “everything will be alright in the end, and if it is not alright then it is not yet the end!”

Jaspers wedding Berri_0001Jaspers wedding Berri_0002Jaspers wedding Berri_0003Jaspers wedding Berri_0004Jaspers wedding Berri_0005Jaspers wedding Berri_0006Jaspers wedding Berri_0007Jaspers wedding Berri_0008Jaspers wedding Berri_0009Jaspers wedding Berri_0010Jaspers wedding Berri_0011Jaspers wedding Berri_0012Jaspers wedding Berri_0013Jaspers wedding Berri_0014Jaspers wedding Berri_0015Jaspers wedding Berri_0016Jaspers wedding Berri_0017Jaspers wedding Berri_0018Jaspers wedding Berri_0019Jaspers wedding Berri_0020Jaspers wedding Berri_0021Jaspers wedding Berri_0022Jaspers wedding Berri_0023Jaspers wedding Berri_0024
Jaspers wedding Berri_0026Jaspers wedding Berri_0027Jaspers wedding Berri_0028Jaspers wedding Berri_0029Jaspers wedding Berri_0030Jaspers wedding Berri_0031Jaspers wedding Berri_0032Jaspers wedding Berri_0033Jaspers wedding Berri_0034Jaspers wedding Berri_0035Jaspers wedding Berri_0036Jaspers wedding Berri_0037Jaspers wedding Berri_0038Jaspers wedding Berri_0039Jaspers wedding Berri_0043Jaspers wedding Berri_0044Jaspers wedding Berri_0045Jaspers wedding Berri_0046Jaspers wedding Berri_0047Jaspers wedding Berri_0048Jaspers wedding Berri_0049Jaspers wedding Berri_0050Jaspers wedding Berri_0051Jaspers wedding Berri_0052Jaspers wedding Berri_0053Jaspers wedding Berri_0054Jaspers wedding Berri_0055Jaspers wedding Berri_0056Jaspers wedding Berri_0057Jaspers wedding Berri_0058Jaspers wedding Berri_0059Jaspers wedding Berri_0060Jaspers wedding Berri_0061Jaspers wedding Berri_0062Jaspers wedding Berri_0063Jaspers wedding Berri_0064Jaspers wedding Berri_0065Jaspers wedding Berri_0066Jaspers wedding Berri_0067Jaspers wedding Berri_0068Jaspers wedding Berri_0069Jaspers wedding Berri_0070Jaspers wedding Berri_0071Jaspers wedding Berri_0072Jaspers wedding Berri_0073Jaspers wedding Berri_0074Jaspers wedding Berri_0075Jaspers wedding Berri_0076Jaspers wedding Berri_0077Jaspers wedding Berri_0078Jaspers wedding Berri_0079Jaspers wedding Berri_0080Jaspers wedding Berri_0081Jaspers wedding Berri_0082Jaspers wedding Berri_0083Jaspers wedding Berri_0084Jaspers wedding Berri_0085Jaspers wedding Berri_0086Jaspers wedding Berri_0087Jaspers wedding Berri_0088Jaspers wedding Berri_0089Jaspers wedding Berri_0090Jaspers wedding Berri_0091Jaspers wedding Berri_0092Jaspers wedding Berri_0093Jaspers wedding Berri_0095Jaspers wedding Berri_0096Jaspers wedding Berri_0097Jaspers wedding Berri_0098Jaspers wedding Berri_0094Jaspers wedding Berri_0099Jaspers wedding Berri_0100Jaspers wedding Berri_0101Jaspers wedding Berri_0102Jaspers wedding Berri_0103

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