How to choose your Wedding Photographer

So you are wondering how to choose your wedding photographer?

Imagine This.  It is your wedding anniversary and you and your partner sit down with a glass of wine. You wish you could open your album but you didn’t get one.   You wanted a beautiful memory of the story of your day, but you had a budget at the time and you were really too busy to meet everyone, so you thought “How different can photographers be? Surely I don’t need to spend that much on my photos?”    Your photographer seemed to have all the qualifications and equipment, and it’s not that they were horrible or didn’t give you lots of images, but the photographs just don’t capture the emotions you had on the day.  So what went wrong?

When we book a wedding photographer there is often a checklist of items or questions you ask to make sure they are right for you. These questions are often limited to the package including availability, the package inclusions and the budget.  There are further questions you should ask about choosing your wedding photographer to ensure that you will be happy with the end result.  At the end of the day, a lot of photographers can provide the same service to you – what you are paying for is their expertise; their technical skill; their ability to capture the small details, the warm relationships between you and your guests.  You spend so much money on capturing these precious moments that you want to make sure that the wedding photography meets (and exceeds) your expectations.

Wedding rings captured artistically by your wedding photographer


Here are some forgotten things you should include with your checklist:-

  • Do you feel you have a great connection with your photographer, and their photographs?  (Make sure you meet your photographer in person and see if your personalities are a good match)
  • Has the photographer photographed your wedding venue before?  (Ask to review photographs from the specific venue)
  • What is the photographer’s working style?  (Do they blend in the background or do they jump in and choreograph shots?)
  • Review the photographer’s portfolio and get a feel for their photography style (eg traditional, photojournalistic, creative)
  • When you review the photographer’s portfolio, how do the images make you feel?  (Do they make you feel like you were a guest at the wedding?  Can you feel the romance between the bride and the groom?  Can you feel the pride beaming from the happy parents?)
  • Take it a step further and review a full wedding album (Rather than seeing a curated collection of their best work you can see a well rounded idea of their work and get a better idea of how your album could look).

having fun with your wedding photographer


Ultimately, the wedding photographer you choose is a storyteller.  They are tasked with capturing a moment in time so that you can keep it forever, and with weddings being one of the most important days of your life, its so important to choose the right photographer.  If your photographer can make you feel the love in their photos, book them. A year from now this will mean more to you than whether you are able to get a free canvas with your order.

Sunset Wedding at Crooked River Winery

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