Why do we need an Engagement shoot?

There are so many great reasons to have an engagement photography shoot before your wedding!Austinmer beach engagement photography

1.  It’s actually a LOT of fun! No really, it is! Often my grooms are really surprised at how much they get out of the shoot, especially when they were roped into it without much of a say 🙂

2.  You get a chance to get to know your photographer better and bond with them. We really want to do the best job we can on the day of your wedding, and having a better relationship with you can really make a difference. When we arrive at the wedding, it is so wonderful to be greeted as a friend, and this creates a lovely atmosphere for the big day

3.  You can do a makeup trial to get an idea of your “look” for the wedding.  This is more important than you think.  Makeup artistsare the best at their job, but they are not always mind readers.  You may think you want a particular look and push for it, only to find that it doesn’t photograph well on you as an individual.

4.  You can be dressed casually, in a totally different kind of location to the one planned for your wedding. Your wedding day is probably the on day in your life that you are perfectly dressed and looking amazing, but it doesn’t really reflect the “day to day” you.  At your engagement shoot you can be yourself, dress however you want, roll up you pants and frolic in the ocean!

5.  It’s reassuring for the partner who “hates” getting their photo taken. It’s not always the bride that loves being photographed, and often one of you dreads the whole idea.  How good would it be to find out it’s actually rather cool!  And to tell the truth, we professionals are much more likely to get the great shots (funny about that!)

6.  You can use the images for all sorts of things, like “save the date” cards.  Save the date postcards are growing in popularity and really helpful for your guests to plan.  Having one with a great image of you on the front to put on the fridge is a bonus.  Also the obvious social media profile pic, and as a reminder to your makeup artist of exactly what you did at your trial.

7.  Weather conditions.  Nicole and Keegan were a little worried about the weather, but as you can the see overcast stormy look is pretty great!  For some reason many people worry about whether it will be sunny on their wedding day.  Here is the heads up – it doesn’t matter!  You are marrying the partner of your dreams, and a great wedding photographer will make the most of ANY weather conditions.

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