Sandon Point Portrait Shoot – Wollongong family photographer – Lisa, Craig, Scarlett and Bronte

Lisa, Craig, Scarlett and Bronte!  What can I say about this family…I LOVE them!!  Lisa is one of our shooters, and there was no way we were going to get any posing happening for this portrait shoot!  Lisa and Craig had wedding photos shot at Sandon Point, so I decided it would be nice to revisit the location for the portrait as well.

I’m loving the results with these little jumping beans –  you can really get a feel for the dynamics of the family!  Enjoy, Zea

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Austinmer Family Portrait Shoot- Wollongong Photographer

When we were asked if we wanted to donate something for a fundraising night for Chloe Saxby, we thought the best thing to donate would be a portrait shoot to Chloe’s family.  Chloe was diagnosed with Vanishing White Matter Disease in September – a rare brain disorder that has robbed her of her motor skills and slurred her speech.

In January last year she was running, jumping and dancing like any other active child, but it is expected she will be in a wheelchair within six months. There is no cure and without treatment, Chloe’s life expectancy is between five and 10 years.

We were the winners here in meeting this beautiful strong family.  Our hearts go out to them xxx


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Austinmer Dance Theatre Photographic Shoot- Wollongong Photographer

I was lucky enough to photograph these talented contemporary dancers from Austinmer Dance Theatre.  We had a great time tucked away in the back of Austinmer with sprinklers and beautiful afternoon light.  Apologies to the girls if we have chosen images that don’t show the most perfect ‘dance poses’, we are Philistines and have gone for the prettiest images!  The Girls are performing “Critical shift” at Phoenix Theatre in late June.

Dancers posing in the sprinkler for a photoshoot

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New York City – A Weekend with Tim & Georgie

I recently visited Manhattan, New York, and had the opportunity to shoot a wonderful couple – Tim and Georgie.  I promised not to do any posing, and to just follow them around shooting in a photojournalistic manner.  Yes, I did feel like a bit of a stalker!  I love NYC and all the random signs and street art.  Tim & Georgie made sure I had plenty of coffee, food and cocktails on our journey.  None of the images have been manipulated, save for changing the colour saturation.  I hope you enjoy our weekend as much as I did!

New York City Couple Shoot

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