Zea Chesworth Wedding Photographer

Zea at Anna Blackman images - Clovelly beach wedding

I started shooting for Anna as her primary second photographer in 2008.  By 2011 I was going solo and loving it, getting the unexpected candid shots that help bring the whole wedding story together.   I also still get a thrill out of being a second shooter and sneaking around like a Ninja.

Other stuff about me…I love the water and have been referred to most of my life as ‘mermaid’.  I love animals, and animals that will bite everyone else, love me back.  So if you have a cranky cat or a crazy dog you want at your wedding…bring it!

I’m obsessed with travel, cheese making and Astronomy, and have a Psychology degree from UOW.


6 Replies to “Zea Chesworth Wedding Photographer”

  1. Hi There
    I was given your details from tina zantis
    you recently covered her wedding on the 4th of January at The ravensworth in bundanoon
    I am hoping you have some good venue shots I can purchase from you
    These will be featured in upcoming promotional material and new website
    happy to add any logos etc to say where the pics came from
    Donna Hescott

  2. Hi Zea,

    I was wondering if you could please send through your wedding packages.

    Thank you

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