Anna Blackman Photographer

Anna loves teaI’ve been at this wedding photography business for a long time, but I often get in trouble for acting 17.  My favourite things are taking photos, (what a surprise) painting, (no, not the walls) travelling, reading, eating sushi and drinking tea (ok maybe the odd Champagne too).  I love being part of amazing wedding stories, and creating memories for you.  I don’t care about your politics, your preferences, or who you marry – I just care about love, and capturing it forever.

I have a penchant for pathetic chick flicks with happy endings, which is one of the things that makes me a wicked wedding photographer.  OK, I admit I’m a chatter box, but that helps loosen people up 🙂

I have 4 children, 2 sausage dogs, a husband and some fish. Yes, I cry at weddings, even though I have photographed over 1,000.  Every wedding is new and amazing, just like every love story.

If you’re into awards, I’ve won a heap. (70 something? I lost count) – most interesting are probably the Highest Scoring Portrait print in Australia, and AIPP Album of the Year.   I also have myself a Diploma in Interior Design and an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts, but a piece of paper doesn’t make me a good photographer.

Passion for my job makes me a good photographer.

Other stuff I’ve been up to over the years:

  • Councillor for NSW AIPP
  • 3 years
 President NSW AIPP
  • Vice President of the National Board of the AIPP 
  • Deputy Chairman – National subcommittee for Education AIPP
  • Three times Master of Photography AIPP