Anna Blackman

Anna loves teaI’ve been at this wedding photography business for 31 years now, but I often get in trouble for acting 17.  My favourite things are taking photos, (what a surprise) painting, (no, not the walls) travelling, reading, eating sushi and drinking tea (ok maybe the odd Champagne too).  My ideal magazine would have great photos of Brad Pitt cooking seafood for George Clooney on a Mediterranean Island.

I have a penchant for pathetic chick flicks with happy endings, which is one of the things that makes me a wicked wedding photographer.  Jack in ‘Titanic’ should have tried again to get on the floating door – there was room for two! Ok, I admit I’m a chatter box, but that helps loosen people up 🙂

I have 4 children, 2 sausage dogs, a husband and some fish. Yes, I cry at weddings, even though I have photographed over 1,000.  Every wedding is new and amazing, just like every love story.

If you’re into awards, I’ve won a heap. (70 something? I lost count) – most interesting are probably the highest scoring Portrait print in Australia in 2006, and AIPP Album of the Year in 2012.   I also have myself a Diploma in Interior Design and an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts, but a piece of paper doesn’t make me a good photographer.

Passion for my job makes me a good photographer.

Other stuff I’ve been up to over the years:

  • Councillor for NSW AIPP
  • 3 years
 President NSW AIPP – 1996/97
  • Vice President of the National Board of the AIPP 1997/98/99
  • Deputy Chairman – National subcommittee for Education AIPP
  • Three times Master of Photography AIPP