Tumbling Waters Retreat Wedding Wollongong – Sarah and Jarad

With the rainiest month of the year coming up (February), I thought it was a good time to show you Sarah – The happiest bride alive!! – and her VERY rainy wedding day.

It was in November so a slight anomaly, and we had 10 whole minutes without rain.  So to all you brides and grooms out there worrying about the rain, ‘be like Sarah’ and just have an awesome time!

Sarah and Jarad met when they were 18 however they didn’t really ‘see’ each other as a possible partner until Australia day 4 years ago.  Jarad was bragging about his amazing home brew, so Sarah saw that as an excellent ‘pick up line’ and suggested she come and try some. Well, she never did get to try that allusive beer, but she did get her man!

Jarad isn’t much on hiking, but Sarah loves it, so he decided to propose to her on the Wadi Wadi hiking track that ends at Tumbling Waters Retreat, which made the Reception venue an easy choice!

We love Sarah’s flowers, supplied by Hayley @ Indianna Blooms, the fabulous cake by Harmony @ Sugar Butter Eggs, and of course the 2015 Show Band of the year, The Salsa Kingz 🙂

Tumbling Waters Retreat_0001

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South China Travel Photography

I travelled to Southern China a few months ago & it was the biggest culture shock I have experienced.

People have nothing over there and are so much happier than we are.  There was a constant change from breathtaking scenery to gritty/dirty sections. I started my journey trekking up a thousand year old rice terrace.  Apart from the striking landscape my favourite part about the rice terraces were how friendly and grateful the people were.  All the women worked so hard labouring, 60 year olds were carrying bags heavier than the donkeys. The strength and perseverance that the women had while making the long journey up the terraces was incredible.

Next stop Yangshuo mountain, bamboo rafting along the river seeing gigantic mountains was awesome, the laughter of the smoking Chinese men rafting the boat was addictive. Guilin city, although not as magical as Yangshuo had striking mountain scenery and amazing cooking schools & markets.

Whilst in Guilin I visited a traditional Chinese house. We are so lucky over here, even though the family had practically nothing, they still showered me with gifts. The people of Southern China are humble and are happy with basically nothing. I finished South China with a performance of the traditional way of life on the river hundreds of years ago – it was projected onto the actual mountains! China really has it all.

Enjoy, Zea

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Bulli Anglican Church – City Beach Function Centre – Laura & Shannon

If you want a Wollongong wedding photographer who knows all the best places to get married and have your photos taken, then look no further!

Laura and Shannon were married in the beautiful old sandstone Anglican church in Bulli on the south coast of NSW.  Laura used to drive past the church on the way to work and say to herself  ‘I want to get married there’! The proposal was at the Wollongong lighthouse, which made City Beach function Centre the perfect venue as you can see the lighthouse from the balcony 🙂

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Ravensthorpe wedding photographer Wollongong – Katlyn & Josh

Katlyn is from Canada, so when organising her wedding, she and Josh decided both Canada and Australia were great places to get married! The first wedding was in Canada, and the second one at the beautiful Ravensthorpe in Albion Park on the south coast of NSW. It was the best venue for the day, as even with changeable weather there is always somewhere amazing to take photos.  Special thanks goes to the resident Jacarada tree 🙂  Katlyn loved Ravensthorpe so much she now works there co-ordinating for other brides on their special day.

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