Wedding photography gallery

Every year I put together a wedding photography gallery of my gorgeous couples on their wedding days. I have had the pleasure of many weddings in my local area of Wollongong and the Illawarra, lots of amazing winery weddings on the south coast of NSW, and of course a bunch of the best weddings Bowral and the southern highlands has to offer.

Off the beaten track this year was a brilliant wedding in Grenfell near Young, complete with the best Canola fields (I went crazy when I saw those giant fields of yellow flowers as I drove into the area the night before).  I also managed to jag a castle wedding, and the most wonderful wedding in Fiji at the Intercontinental.

Some wedding trends that we have noticed over the last couple of years are pretty great too.  Firstly having a “reveal” before the ceremony.  This is a beautiful intimate moment just for the two of you, and takes away some of the nerves. You will see one in here where our beautiful bride has used a spare piece of wedding gown fabric to blindfold her groom before the reveal!  Also many couples are feeling that they don’t want to disappear on their guests for too long, so are having a pre wedding shoot with the bridal party.  One of the best differences in my mind, is not caring about having an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, and sometimes even having a “bridesmate” or a “groomsgirl”!  But the winner is …. bringing your fur baby to the wedding as a flower dog or ring bearer!!!!

I hope you enjoy my retrospective look and the love and joy that I get to photograph…I have a pretty awesome job!  Thank you to all my beautiful couples who choose Anna Blackman Images to be your wedding photographers. We are honoured!

Ravensthorpe wedding_0096
wollongong wedding photographer_0017wollongong wedding photographer_0020wollongong wedding photographer_0022

wollongong wedding photographer_0023wollongong wedding photographer_0016

wollongong wedding photographer_0013
wollongong wedding photographer_0012wollongong wedding photographer_0011wollongong wedding photographer_0010wollongong wedding photographer_0019wollongong wedding photographer_0009wollongong wedding photographer_0014wollongong wedding photographer_0008wollongong wedding photographer_0007wollongong wedding photographer_0006wollongong wedding photographer_0005
wollongong wedding photographer_0002wollongong wedding photographer_0003
wollongong wedding photographer_0001ravensthorpe wedding_2055Ravensthorpe wedding_2054Ravensthorpe wedding_0145Ravensthorpe wedding_0144
Ravensthorpe wedding_0141Ravensthorpe wedding_0142

Ravensthorpe wedding_0138Ravensthorpe wedding_0139
Ravensthorpe wedding_0137Ravensthorpe wedding_0136Ravensthorpe wedding_0135Ravensthorpe wedding_0134Ravensthorpe wedding_0132Ravensthorpe wedding_0131Ravensthorpe wedding_0130Ravensthorpe wedding_0129Ravensthorpe wedding_0128Ravensthorpe wedding_0127Ravensthorpe wedding_0126Ravensthorpe wedding_0125Ravensthorpe wedding_0124Ravensthorpe wedding_0123Ravensthorpe wedding_0122Ravensthorpe wedding_0121
Ravensthorpe wedding_0118Ravensthorpe wedding_0119

Ravensthorpe wedding_0116Ravensthorpe wedding_0115
Ravensthorpe wedding_0112Ravensthorpe wedding_0113
Ravensthorpe wedding_0111Ravensthorpe wedding_0110Ravensthorpe wedding_0109Ravensthorpe wedding_0108Ravensthorpe wedding_0107Ravensthorpe wedding_0106Ravensthorpe wedding_0105Ravensthorpe wedding_0104Ravensthorpe wedding_0103Ravensthorpe wedding_0102a
Holga - BW400CNRavensthorpe wedding_0101
Ravensthorpe wedding_0099Ravensthorpe wedding_0098Ravensthorpe wedding_0133wollongong wedding photographer_0107wollongong wedding photographer_0106

wollongong wedding photographer_0105

wollongong wedding photographer_0101wollongong wedding photographer_0100wollongong wedding photographer_0099wollongong wedding photographer_0098wollongong wedding photographer_0097wollongong wedding photographer_0096
wollongong wedding photographer_0093wollongong wedding photographer_0094
wollongong wedding photographer_0092wollongong wedding photographer_0091wollongong wedding photographer_0090
wollongong wedding photographer_0087

wollongong wedding photographer_0085wollongong wedding photographer_0084wollongong wedding photographer_0083wollongong wedding photographer_0082wollongong wedding photographer_0081wollongong wedding photographer_0080wollongong wedding photographer_0079
wollongong wedding photographer_0076wollongong wedding photographer_0077
wollongong wedding photographer_0075wollongong wedding photographer_0074wollongong wedding photographer_0073wollongong wedding photographer_0072
wollongong wedding photographer_0070
wollongong wedding photographer_0067wollongong wedding photographer_0068
wollongong wedding photographer_0066wollongong wedding photographer_0065wollongong wedding photographer_0064wollongong wedding photographer_0063wollongong wedding photographer_0062wollongong wedding photographer_0061wollongong wedding photographer_0060wollongong wedding photographer_0059wollongong wedding photographer_0058wollongong wedding photographer_0057wollongong wedding photographer_0056wollongong wedding photographer_0055wollongong wedding photographer_0054wollongong wedding photographer_0053wollongong wedding photographer_0052wollongong wedding photographer_0051wollongong wedding photographer_0050wollongong wedding photographer_0049wollongong wedding photographer_0048wollongong wedding photographer_0047wollongong wedding photographer_0046wollongong wedding photographer_0045wollongong wedding photographer_0044
wollongong wedding photographer_0041wollongong wedding photographer_0042
wollongong wedding photographer_0040wollongong wedding photographer_0039wollongong wedding photographer_0038wollongong wedding photographer_0037wollongong wedding photographer_0036wollongong wedding photographer_0034wollongong wedding photographer_0033wollongong wedding photographer_0032wollongong wedding photographer_0031wollongong wedding photographer_0030wollongong wedding photographer_0029wollongong wedding photographer_0028wollongong wedding photographer_0027wollongong wedding photographer_0026wollongong wedding photographer_0035

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