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What a story I have for you today!

The story of Marion and Rod starts many years ago when two people in love were going to get married.  The path they were following was proper and sensible, but Marion just couldn’t bring herself to be proper and sensible!  She wanted to travel the world and explore, and all she could see ahead of herself was babies and suburbia, and albeit with a lovely man she just wasn’t ready, and they sadly parted ways.

Luckily that wasn’t the end of the story.  Marion never married, but she kept in contact with Rod’s dad, who was one of her favourite teachers.  A couple of decades later Rod’s dad managed to get the two of them together for a reunion and once again sparks flew!

Marion and Rod had two ceremonies – one at home for Marion’s mum who wasn’t well enough to come to the official wedding, and another at Ruby’s in Mt Kembla.  For the location part of the day Marion managed to get a complete stranger to lend her a gorgeous little red  Scooter! The theme was 1950’s vintage and the scooter was very ‘Roman Holiday’!

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Lately we have had a lot of people requesting a second photographer.  We often send out two photographers – sometimes even for free if it is a quiet time of year.

Lisa shot as my second recently for Danielle and Ben’s wedding and I thought it would be great to show you some shots she took and have a talk about your second shooter.

The main Con is the cost.  We subsidise this so it isn’t too much extra to pay – usually $300, but a little more for a big wedding with lots of time.  The other thing to be careful of is paying for a second shooter who isn’t qualified.  You don’t want to pay extra $$ for someone’s besty who hasn’t a clue!

The Pros are that you get extra shots, particularly little Photojouralistic gems that the main shooter can’t get because they are busy.  In this post you can see a selection of photos that Lisa shot while I was doing my thing.  You still get these photos to an extent when there is one shooter, but you will notice particularly in the church that I can’t stray to far from the front were the action is, however Lisa has managed to sneak some great moments:)

So, you don’t NEED a second if you have a good photographer, but if you have a little money left in the budget it sure is a great idea!

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