Monthly Archives: January 2013

Before Christmas I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days at Ben Marden’s farm with Zea, Mish and Ben.  Ben is a wonderful guy and great photographer who lives a very different life style from most of us.  Cooking on a Barbie might not be that different, but check out the dunny and the shower!  Thank you so much Ben for sharing your house, dog (Ripley), and masseuse with us!

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If you think waiting over Christmas for the next instalment of ‘The Walking Dead’ is hard, try being Brodie and Daniel waiting to see some of their Ceremony images!  Well here is a collection of my favourites.  Once Again Brodie and Daniel put masses of work into every detail.  While the guests were waiting for the arrival of the girls we were fed popcorn and punch, and then Daniel explained to everyone how to use the Kazoos for the bridal march down the grassy aisle! I won’t go on – you can see from the photos how wonderful this Ceremony was for everyone involved.View full post »